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Sensations en Ardross

Sunday 19 April 2009

Sensations en Ardross
43A Ardross Street, Applecross
(08) 9364 8806

1. Comfort and Surroundings

Lola: Needing a south of the river location we once again ventured to Applecross, this time trying the spot just next door to the location of our last expedition. Accordingly, the view and surrounds were just as nice, though I couldn't help but compare the seating arrangements to Jacs. The table and chairs this week were adequate but not particularly comfortable and I felt a little cramped. It's nice there, but nothing special, so I'll give it a 3.

Alexander: Our table felt like it was a bit smooshed in between other tables, which wasn't very impressive. The decor is a bit of a jumble without any discernible theme. Also, the line of people waiting to order tends to snake through the tables, meaning things felt a little unsettled. It also made it hard to reach the condiments table! This may sound harsh, but I am going with a 2.

2. Service

Lola: You order at the counter at Sensations which I don't mind at all. The girl who served me was friendly and accommodating, granting substitutions and answering questions. They also provide water and a huge range of condiments for self-service, meaning there was no further contact with staff. I find this kind of set-up often results in not being able to obtain access to what you want because it has inevitably been taken by a customer for exclusive use at their own table, but they had so much on offer that we weren't disappointed. No problems but I can't give more than 3.5 since we largely served ourselves.

Alexander: I didn't have much contact with the people working at Sensations because Lola ordered my breakfast for me. The brief encounters I had with the waitresses were pleasant though. As a self-service place, the marks are never going to be super high from me - I'm giving it a 3.

3. Tastiness

Lola: I really liked the menu and was torn between many dishes! I finally chose the breakfast wrap minus the fresh tomato. This was a thin crepe with perfect scrambled eggs, chives and avocado inside. Unfortunately the avocado you see in the picture was almost the entire amount of avocado in the wrap. Sigh. While the eggs were cooked to perfection I did expect a bit more out of each bite. I was still pretty happy though and would like to return and try another option! But for this meal, a 2.5.

Alexander: It was a big menu and in the end I went for the scrambled eggs with spinach and feta. The scrambled eggs were well cooked and there was a good (but not overpowering) amount of spinach and feta included. The combination of flavours definitely worked and the bread held it all together. I could probably have used a bigger serve though. All in all, 3.5.

4. Drinks

Lola: My chai was extremely disappointing. It was insipid, tasting of slightly flavoured warm milk. The flavour itself was promising but was not brewed for long enough! Only a 1.5 from my end.

Alexander: Given how fussy I am about drinks, I am surprised to be giving a higher mark than Lola. I ordered a cappuccino and, while not the most exciting coffee in the world, it still hit the spot - a 3 effort.

5. Fiscal matters

Lola: At $18.50 for my fairly small and simple crepe I thought the prices were a bit steep. I have to go a 2.5.

Alexander: The prices weren't exorbitant but they were on the high end of the scale. It's pretty much what you would expect from Ardross Street in Applecross. Given it's self-service, I think the menu was a bit overpriced, so I am only giving it 2.5.

The verdict...

Comfort & Surroundings: 5/10
Service: 6.5/10
Tastiness: 6/10
Drinks: 4.5/10
Fiscal Matters: 5/10
TOTAL: 27/50

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