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That Little Mexican Place

Sunday 20 September 2009

That Little Mexican Place
382 Fitzgerald St
North Perth
(08) 9227 5755

1. Comfort & Surroundings

Lola: That Little Mexican Place is sandwiched into one of the premises on Fitzgerald Street in North Perth, just around the corner from one of our favourite spots, The Flying Taco (also Mexican but they don't do breakfasts, I'm afraid). TLMP pack a lot of tables into a small space, but only a handful of them were seated at by patrons last Sunday morning. Said tables are small, however, and we had to use the empty one next to us to store the condiments and water jug. At least we felt comfortable enough doing so, I suppose! You do get a pretty relaxed vibe from the place, aided by the long wooden bench along one side of the room piled with cushions (I made myself comfortable, accordingly) and the large chessboard sitting on one of the tables. It wasn't bad, except for the ten minutes of whistling by the chef that I endured before Alexander arrived. Points off for
his shrill, erratic and seemingly incessant tune, bringing it down to a 2.

Alexander: So you might not actually feel like you're south of the border when you step into That Little Mexican Place, but the nods to Mexican culture amidst the comfortable chairs are nice without feeling cheesy. Which is a good thing, because there is plenty of cheese on the menu! But more on that later... I agree wholeheartedly with Lola that the tables were a bit on the small side, which isn't so bad on a leisurely Sunday, but good luck getting comfortable if all the tables around you are taken! Annoyingly, a table and chair is situated right in the doorway too, making getting in and out a little inconvenient. Overall, though, it's hard to make too big a fuss, so I am going with 2.5.

2. Service

I'm really torn here. Once I arrived the waitress was immediately affable and welcoming, and her genial nature continued throughout our morning. She was not so attentive to our needs, however. Shortly after she seated me a couple walked in who were immediately brought menus. They were then able to order drinks and have them delivered before I was even offered a menu. It was certainly nice to have table service, though, even if it did come with a delay. So a 3 from me.

Alexander: We discovered that we were in for more than just a meal at That Little Mexican Place when our friendly waitress hung around our table for 5 minutes swapping stories. Not that it was a bad thing - we had finished our meals and it didn't feel like we were being interrupted - but those looking for a secluded discussion or intimate tete-a-tete may want to avoid making eye contact with staff members. A big extra thumbs up for table service at breakfast - how nice not to have to order at a counter for once! Service gets a 3 from me.

3. Tastiness

Okay I really dig this menu! The offerings of steak and cactus for breakfast really excite me, though today I chose the quesadilla desayuno. Inside a toasted tortilla I was treated with fried eggs, bacon and cheddar, which was served on a hash brown and some refried beans. It was very tasty and I'm craving another right now. I would have loved to see a vegetarian quesadilla option but I did enjoy my salty, meaty toastie. I'm giving a good 4.

Alexander: If you are looking for a breakfast that's a bit different from your usual eggs, toast and orange juice, this is the place to come! I absolutely love the variety of menu items, so much so that I was prevaricating about my choice until the very last moment! I ended up picking the huevos ahogados - that's drowned eggs to those who don't speak Spanish - and it was delicious. Two poached eggs cooked in salsa with hash browns (not your McDonalds variety), refried beans and corn tortillas. Mmmm. Based on a previous visit, I can also recommend the burrito desayuno - so good! Just writing this makes me want to head there again this weekend to try out something new. A 4.5 from me.

4. Drinks

When I was finally able to order my first drink I was tempted by the promise of an espresso flavoured with chocolate and cinnamon, with a dash of milk: the cortodito. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be this way, or if I was required to stir it as I drunk, but what I received was a shot of coffee with some lumps of chocolate and sugar granules at the bottom. The flavours were good, but poorly executed. Fortunately the Mexican hot chocolate I sampled later was an improvement. Though it was unlike other Mexican hot chocolates I have had, and not what I was expecting, I enjoyed its malty flavour, bringing my rating up to a 2.5.

Alexander: The drinks menu is up there with the food menu in terms of variety and novelty. I chose the mocha de Mexico - a Mexican hot chocolate with a shot of coffee - and it was totally delicious. However, I can't help but feel that I should have tried something a bit more interesting, especially with the atoles and agua frescas on offer. Hmm, maybe next time. Drinks get 3.5 from me.

5. Fiscal Matters

There's a range of prices at That Little Mexican Place, from a $6 ham and cheese toasted quesadilla and $9 muesli to the $35 huevos divorciandos. My quesadilla was $18 and though my plate was quite large, I think overall their charging was a little steep. I'm also not too pleased with the drink prices, either. Below average I think, a 2.5.

Alexander: The average breakfast price at That Little Mexican Place is perhaps a bit higher than at other breakfast places, but the serves are massive and the quality and the freshness of the ingredients mean that it's hard to feel ripped-off. Come here for a special breakfast and you won't leave disappointed. A 3 from me.

The verdict...

Comfort & surroundings: 4.5/10
Service: 6/10
Tastiness: 9.5/10
Drinks: 6/10
Fiscal Matters: 5.5/10
TOTAL: 31.5/50

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