Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Venn Bar and Café
16 Queen Street
(08) 9321 8366

1. Comfort and surroundings

Lola: Well, Venn is a design shop, café, bar, gallery and artist's studio all rolled into one, so naturally, the surroundings are pretty great. Modern, colourful and functional pieces in the store are offset by the rustic, exposed brick walls and cut flowers on the tables. Nice things to look at. I was lucky enough to nab a booth style seat as I arrived before Alexander who was left with the chair. My comfort skyrocketed to a 4!

Alexander: Love, love, love the surroundings at Venn. It's just my type of place - exposed brick, concrete, light wood, splashes of colour, plenty of natural light. Of course, that's what you would expect from a design store-slash-gallery-slash-studi-slash-cafe-slash-bar. That's right, Venn does pretty much everything you could ever want - it's a little design oasis hidden amongst the CBD skyscrapers. And it's walking distance from my apartment. How could I not be comfortable here? 4.5.

2. Service

It's counter service here, though I was able to order a coffee from my table while awaiting my companion. My trip to the counter was met with friendliness: nothing more nothing less. That's okay, for sure. A mid range 3 from me.

Alexander: I didn't have much interaction with the kids behind the counter, but I can't imagine having any problems. Everyone seems efficient yet laid-back, without attitude or pretension. So, I'm going to give them a 3.5 benefit-of-the-doubt score.

3. Tastiness

Very unfortunately, both our first options were unavailable! My second choice was asparagus with quail eggs and parmesan. The asparagus was fresh, the eggs were soft and the parmesan plentiful. A very simple dish, but none of the ingredients really packed a punch. And while the eggs were perfectly cooked, most of the yolk remained on my plate with nothing to mop it up with. I felt like it needed another element. Great ingredients though, and beautifully cooked. Just... missing something. I can only go a 2.5, but I'd definitely return for more. Just an unlucky morning I guess! Oh and I would also like to mention that I love the aesthetics of the menu itself. Nice!

Alexander: I was pretty devastated when my first option was unavailable (I've had it before and it's this amazing goat's cheese custard with mushrooms and toast soldiers - so tasty). And while I enjoyed my choice in the end (a B.A.L.T. - crispy pancetta, avocado, watercress, roasted tomato), I think it was hard not to let my disappointment influence my feelings towards the dish. All the ingredients were well cooked, and the flavours worked well, but still... it just wasn't what I was hoping for! I almost feel bad for saying this was a 2.5.

4. Drinks

A delicious decaffeinated coffee, an order that always comes with the risk of not being as fresh or tasty as its caffeinated brother, but in this case the spot was well and truly hit. Just off perfect though, at 4.5.

Alexander: It was back to long black territory for me, and I have no complaints. I love getting a piping hot coffee, enjoying the smell until it's cool enough to drink, and then having plenty of time to savour the delicious coffee flavour, without a risk of it going cold. I was happy to experience the full sensory experience for my breakfast at Venn... mmm... 4.

5. Fiscal Matters

I need to preface this by saying I really enjoyed my morning at Venn, and I want to go back more and more. The overall experience was really lovely, and I think the comfort factor meant I could overlook this certain bit. But I have to be honest, I did feel a little thieved when my plate arrived after I'd forked out $14 for it. They do use good produce, and there were $6 and $6.50 toast options. And... I guess you are paying for the whole experience, but I still have to award just a 1.5. Hopefully my enjoyable whole experience is reflected in my overall score as I think Venn is a great place to come!

Alexander: I agree, by and large, with Lola's comments, although perhaps I am so jaded about Perth prices that I am willing to be a little more forgiving. The serve of food I received was not particularly huge for the price, and while good quality ingredients were evident, I think compared to other places, the price was perhaps slightly high. I would be happy paying the same price for a slightly bigger serve, but as things stand, I am going to award a 2.5.

The verdict...

Comfort and surroundings: 8.5
Service: 6.5
Tastiness: 5
Drinks: 8.5
Fiscal matters: 4

TOTAL: 33/50

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